June 2017 update

Much has happened since the last update. I now realize that there exists a trade-off between lab activity and number of website updates. So rest assured that this quietness reflects much business in DrEAMSLab! I’ll try to summarise some of the recent activity below. Please also explore the updated projects and lab members sections.

Four projects currently running, including Anthony (PhD student)’s exploration of the potential contribution of dreaming to sleep-dependent memory consolidation using the VR, Vy (PhD student)’s exploration of the consolidation of episodic memory during sleep using his self-programmed virtual environments, a BGU Research-Investment Fund-ed project, “Episodic and autobiographical memory consolidation during sleep: Implications for learning in a Higher Education environment” (PI Caroline Horton), and a Dreams Science Foundation Fund-ed project exploring future memory sources of dreams in collaboration with Dr. Scott Cole, York St. John University.

The lab has developed extensively since the last updates. Of particular note, we have been developing and pioneering the use of virtual reality as a learning tool. That means that “we” (and by that I mean Vy) can programme our own learning environments. In Anthony’s PhD, with more of a focus on the potential contribution of dreaming to the memory consolidation processes, virtual environments provide a great learning tool that are, almost by definition, dream-like and that increase the likelihood of participants dreaming about them later.

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