A brief project update: I have been thinking about the mysterious hyperassociativity (HA) for a while. HA features in a handful of papers about cognition during REM sleep/dreaming (although we know those things are somewhat independent!), although I haven’t found a definition of it. In my 2017 paper (https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2017.00159/full) I presented a few possibilities, including … More Hyperassociativity


TEDx: Sleep well, dream well, be fearless (almost)

I delivered my first TEDx presentation at the end of June! It was a strange experience, largely positive, but admittedly not entirely. As per my previous post re: enjoying presenting, I thoroughly enjoy communicating with people via presentations, as well as the discussions that typically follow. The presentation format for the TEDx event was unusual, … More TEDx: Sleep well, dream well, be fearless (almost)

Dream work update

Once again, the absence of recent website updates indicates frenzied activity elsewhere. Since my last post I have been promoted to Reader in Psychology: Cognition and Consciousness, which is a title I am rather pleased with! With that slight change of role also comes a slight shift in work-focus, with less input to the undergraduate … More Dream work update

Dreams exhibition: National Science and Media Museum

Last night (June 22nd) Vy Nastajus, PhD student, and I showcased some of the tools of the lab at an excellent Dreams event in Bradford. With thanks to the visitors who tried out navigating virtual realities and who showed an interest in our experiments. We had some great discussions. Sincere thanks also to those who … More Dreams exhibition: National Science and Media Museum

More media coverage

Recently DrEAMSLab has hosted a number of guests, including artist Derya Erdem (Feb 2017), Prof. Sue Llewellyn, University of Manchester (April 2017), Scott Dalton of BBC Radio Lincs (as per the image below) and Zoe Myall of Lincolnshire Free Press, who provided this coverage in the Spalding Guardian of her experiences piloting two of our … More More media coverage

June 2017 update

Much has happened since the last update. I now realize that there exists a trade-off between lab activity and number of website updates. So rest assured that this quietness reflects much business in DrEAMSLab! I’ll try to summarise some of the recent activity below. Please also explore the updated projects and lab members sections. Four … More June 2017 update