Below listed are project associated with the DrEAMSLab.

  • (2015) £3000 applied for (as PI) via the BPS Seminars Competition with Co-applicants Prof. Sue Llewellyn, University of Manchester, Dr. Josie Malinowski, University of Bedfordshire, and Prof. Mark Blagrove, University of Swansea, to coordinate a series of seminars: “What can dreaming tell us about memory consolidation in sleep?” (Application pending)
  • Malinowski, J.E. & Horton, C.L. Metaphor and hyperassociativity: The imagination mechanisms behind emotional memory assimilation in sleep and dreams. Submitted: Frontiers in Psychology: Psychopathology.
  • (2013) $4000 awarded (co-applicant) from the Dream Science Foundation (Malinowski, J., & Horton, C.L.) for a project, “Do we dream to assimilate ‘important’ waking life experiences into our memory schemas?”
  • Designing a programme of empirical studies exploring dreaming and future thought with Dr. Scott Cole.
  • Malinowski, J., & Horton, C.L. The Continuity Questionnaire (CQ): Individual differences in the continuity between waking life experiences and dreaming. Under revision for Consciousness and Cognition.
  • Preparing an edited text book, Sleep and Cognition, Psychology Press, involving contributions from colleagues from the USA, UK, Finland and Germany. Horton, C.L. (Ed.) Sleep and Cognition (edited text book): Taylor and Francis. Due: 31st March 2016.
  • Dreams of eating disorder sufferers as illustrations of emotion regulation: Collaborative empirical project being planned (including grant application to Leverhulme Trust) with Dr. Emily Newman, University of Edinburgh and Dr. Ken MacMahon, University of Edinburgh.
  • Sleep-dependent consolidation of emotional DRM”, in collaboration with Dr. Lauren Knott (Edge Hill University). Paper being prepared concerning an experimental study building upon the emotional false memory (“DRM”) paradigm,. We have observed that the effect is selectively enhanced following sleep compared to wake.
  • Horton, C.L. The incorporation of emotional autobiographical memories into dreams reflects memory consolidation processes. In prep., for submission to Journal of Sleep Research.
  • Horton, C.L. The 24 hour mind.
  • Miller, E., & Horton, C.L. Daydreaming content reflects procedural memory consolidation processes.
  • Horton, C.L., Smith, M.D., Proctor, C. Emotionality in dream-wake continuity.
  • Kahan, T., & Horton, C.L. Methodological challenges in the scientific study of dreams and dreaming: Memory and dreams.

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