Media frenzy

Since the official lab launch last month and the associated research seminars, as funded by the BPS, there has been much interest in developing DrEAMSLab. Thanks to all who have supported and shown interest. I’ve discussed the work of the Lab with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, the Lincolnshire Echo, The Lincolnite, the University of Lincoln’s excellent journalist Angeline McCall, and this morning: Lincoln City Radio (apologies if I’ve forgotten any others). It’s sparked an interest with local dreamers – so here’s a reminder to get in touch any time if you’re interested in participating in any of our current projects.

It’s a beautiful yet humbling reminder that people are mystified and inspired by their dream experiences. It’s sometimes easy to forget that when bogged down by the intricacies of statistical analysis. Indeed one thing I have been communicating as part of this recent media work is that although I tend to break dream experiences down into their constituent memory fragments and focus on their organisation and composition, the overall emotionality, bizarreness and beauty come from the recombination of those fragments into a new whole. If only there was more time to dream – it would be good for us all…!

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