PhD Studentship opportunities available

We are currently advertising a number of funded PhD studentships at Bishop Grosseteste University, including opportunities within DrEAMSLab to study (your own project relating to): Dreaming as a reflection of memory consolidation in sleep Sleep’s role in enhancing episodic and autobiographical memory Sleep’s role in memory reorganisation The effect of sleep quality and quantity on … More PhD Studentship opportunities available

New project

Thanks to the Dreams Science Foundation, who will be funding a project I plan to conduct in 2016 along with Dr. Scott Cole, York St. John University, exploring the future functions of dreams using PSG. It will be the first sleep physiology study conducted in DrEAMSLab, so we are rather excited! More info to follow … More New project

Lab project update

There are several projects on-going within DrEAMSLab. In fact perhaps too many (as per my previous post on multitasking), but nevermind! (i) We (Dr. Scott Cole, York St. John University and I) have started collecting data for our “Future functions of dreaming” project in which we aim to explore the memory sources of dreams, identifying … More Lab project update


It’s been a while since posting; a sure sign of busy activity within DrEAMSLab. The physical lab is almost complete (just awaiting the all-important black-out blinds!) and provides a calming, currently quiet place in which to work. The campus cats can be viewed from the window, as can the busy Autumnal squirrels, being tactical (and … More BSS

BPS Research Seminars Competition

Thanks to the British Psychological Society, which has awarded me with a grant via the Research Seminars Competition, to lead a series of events exploring, “What can dreaming teach us about sleep-dependent memory consolidation?“. The first event will kick off in November here at BGU, involving a day of seminars, activities and celebrations. The day will … More BPS Research Seminars Competition

New paper! Emotion, hyperassociaitivity, metaphor…

Our (Josie Malinowski and I’s) new paper has officially been published today: Malinowski, J., & Horton, C.L. (2015) Metaphor and hyperassociativity: the imagination mechanisms behind emotion assimilation in sleep and dreaming. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1132, 1-19. Take a look. And because it is in one of the wonderful Frontiers journals, it is freely available, open … More New paper! Emotion, hyperassociaitivity, metaphor…