BGU Summer Psychology Research Internship Scheme

Psychology students are given the opportunity to develop research skills and to join research projects within the DrEAMSLab, under the supervision of Dr. Caroline Horton.

Three successful interns have been recruited. See below for information about the individuals:

Lynda Martin (Level 5)

I am a mature student, a Mum of two, with a previous career in management. I am studying Psychology with SENI (Special Educational Needs and Inclusion). I enjoy Psychology and am looking for a new career direction. Although I’m not yet sure which direction this will take, I’m considering either teaching or research.

Gemma Houghton (Level 5)

I am mature student studying Psychology and Early Childhood Studies. I have just completed the first year of my degree and I am now looking forward to starting a Research Assistant Internship at BG. I hope to gain valuable experience in psychological research from this opportunity.

Jessica Ward (Level 6)

I’m Jessica, and I am a joint Honours Education Studies and Psychology student heading into 3rd year. I have recently become an intern for summer 2015 with the Psychology department and feel this will help to improve my research skills which are beneficial for independent study in 3rd year. My main interests are based around memory and memory loss and how factors like sleep can have an impact on memory. I also have some interests in how the brain links to behaviour. In my time aside from my university degree I have a part time job and enjoy hobbies such as swimming and RC racing.

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