About People

Dr. Caroline Horton

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Vytautas Nastajus (PhD student)

Exploring sleep-dependent consolidation of episodic memory using virtual environments. Joined DrEAMSLab in July 2016, under the supervision of Dr. Caroline Horton, Dr. Emma Pearson and Dr. Tom Dunn.

Anthony Bloxham (PhD student)

Exploring what dreaming can contribute to sleep-dependent memory consolidation. Joined DrEAMSLab in October 2016, under the supervision of Dr. Caroline Horton & Dr. Emma Pearson.

Dr. Fiona Henrich (PhD student)

A clinical psychologist based in Melbourne, Australia, Fiona is a distance-lab member, as Caroline externally co-supervises Fiona’s PhD studies in the relationship of dreaming to traumatic experiences.

Martin Smith (lab technician)

Martin joined BGU in September 2016 and supports the technical aspects of DrEAMSLab marvellously.

Undergraduate student interns

The lab hosts a rolling programme of student research interns and RAs, currently including Gemma Houghton (in her 3rd year in the lab) and Katie Brignull, both of BGU.

Dr. Josie Malinowski, University of Bedfordshire

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Dr. Kate Adams, Reader in Education, Bishop Grosseteste University

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Prof. Sue Llewellyn, University of Manchester

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Dr. Emily Newman, University of Edinburgh

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Dr. Scott Cole, York St. John University

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Prof. Tracey Kahan, Santa Clara University, CA, USA

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Prof. Mark Blagrove, Director of Sleep Lab, University of Swansea

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