Midsummer night of science


Last Thursday (6th July) I travelled to London, Mayfair no less, to take part in the Royal Institution’s Midsummer Night of Science event. It was a delight. I delivered a presentation exploring Sleep, Dreams and Memory (a general overview of our work in DrEAMSLab as well as my theories about how dreaming reflects memory consolidation processes) within the RI’s historic lecture theatre (you know, the Christmas Lectures one!) and was looked after marvellously by staff. In fact, check out my person green room below:

green room2

The presentation was followed by a number of interactive exhibitions involving pink smoke, love potions and plenty of fairies (thanks Shakespeare, your inspiration has no limits). A wonderful evening was had by all. Sincere thanks to the organisers at the RI and to the audience, who have engaged with interesting discussion since.

twitter pic

Thanks to @farrowjon for this pic (above) on Twitter.

All other pictures courtesy of photographer John Angerson.


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