What can dreaming teach us about sleep-dependent memory consolidation? Seminar event at BGU!

You are warmly invited to the first seminar event in the British Psychological Society funded series exploring what dreams can teach us about memory consolidation in sleep.

We have a number of events running on Wed Feb 10th 2016 at BGU:

10am onwards Tea/coffee on arrival

10.30-12 Open Lecture “Dreams as a methodological tool”, Dr. Caroline Horton

1-2.30 Research seminar “Autobiographical memory consolidation and re-organisation during sleep”, Dr. Caroline Horton

4-5 Launch of DrEAMSLab (with further refreshments!)


Feel free to contact me if you have any queries, or to contact bronwen.kane@bishop.ac.uk to register your attendance.

You’ll note that we end the day with a celebratory launch of DrEAMSLab! This is an exciting time for us in the lab, for BGU and for the promise of further dream and memory research! Do join us on the day.

DrEAMSLab logo finished-03

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