Lab project update

There are several projects on-going within DrEAMSLab. In fact perhaps too many (as per my previous post on multitasking), but nevermind!

(i) We (Dr. Scott Cole, York St. John University and I) have started collecting data for our “Future functions of dreaming” project in which we aim to explore the memory sources of dreams, identifying whether these are generally future- or pas-oriented. We’ve also got a grant application under review with the Dream Science Foundation, to expand on the study using PSG measures.

(ii) Data continues to come in for another Dream Science Foundation funded project exploring whether we dream to assimilate emotionally salient experiences into our memory schema. Project being led mainly by Dr. Josie Malinowski, University of Bedfordshire.

(iii) Contributions for my edited book on Sleep and Cognition continue (slowly) to roll in. I hope to pull the whole manuscript together in January. Ever optimistic…!

(iv) Josie and I are compiling a review of dream-wake continuity. It’s often referred to in the literature, but little studied systematically.

(v) We (Dr. Lauren Knott, City University London) and I have a paper under review with Cognition and Emotion, presenting a brief report of our data that sleep facilitates the recall of false memories using the DRM task, but only for emotional word lists.

(vi) I am ready to go with more data collection for a long term dream diary exploration of how memories are incorporated into dreams and reorganised (i.e. their structure shifts) over time, which I predict can be accounted for by accounts of sleep-dependent memory consolidation and (importantly) reconsolidation.

(vii) Analysis of 111 most recent dreams exploring the incorporation of current, past and future self statements – ongoing! About 75% complete!!

And there are other projects on the go, too, so plenty of activity within the lab. Project progress will be reported on this site!

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