Cafe Scientifique

I delivered my first Café Scientifique session on Sunday (5th July) to a small but friendly audience in the Café at Leeds City Museum. We had a lovely discussion about the importance of sleep for maintaining healthy body and mind, and about how dreams might reflect memory activation during sleep.

I’m a big fan of Café Scientifique and am saddened to learn that the Leeds City Museum Café won’t be running any more. However Leeds hosts a couple of other Café Sci’s (the Headingley site being the first Café to be developed!) so people can still attend and engage with popular science! The attendees of the Museum’s programme particularly enjoyed the small, friendly feel of their site so I hope they are able to enjoy alternative venues as much.

I came away from the session rather fired up (in a good way)! Public engagement events afford the opportunity to speak in plain terms, for instance about the worrisome decline in sleep quality and quantity (I’m sure it will become a major public health issue in coming years). So thanks to the organisers and attendees for engaging in such a great discussion. I hope we can all take something personally useful away from the session.

Sweet dreams.

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