Paper published! Autobiographical memory, hyperassociativity, dreaming and memory consolidation

Hurrah, new paper published today!

Horton, C.L. & Malinowski. J.E. (2015) Autobiographical memory and hyperassociativity in the dreaming brain: Implications for memory consolidation in sleep. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 874. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00874

Click here to see the paper.

In this hypothesis and theory paper, we (Josie Malinowski, Uni of Bedfordshire, and I) outline the links between autobiographical memory activity, dreaming and the processes of sleep-dependent memory consolidation. It’s a culmination of a good few ideas I’ve been pondering for some years, in particular concerning the 24/7 activity of autobiographical memory, as well as continuing to fight the corner for dreaming being a reflection of memory consolidation processes.

I’m grateful to Sue Llewellyn, Uni of Manchester, Research Topic editor, for inviting the contribution. The Topic promises to be a great collection!

I’ve also enjoyed the process of publishing in Frontiers. The open discussion format of the review process is refreshing, to say the least. If only it was easier for institutions to support the associated fees of open access publication…

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